Why Balloon Rides Online?

Whether you are looking for a unique and memorable gift or planning an adventure with a specific date in mind, there are some VERY IMPORTANT things you should know BEFORE you make a hot air balloon ride purchase.

We do all this research and monitoring for you and guarantee it with our 60 Day No Questions Asked Refund policy.

Better than buying direct

Buying direct from the balloon operator isn’t necessarily better unless you take the time to research and verify the balloon operator’s claims for safety, experience, and insurance. Sadly, some balloon operators lie, making false claims regarding their experience, insurance, or safety record. The average consumer has no easy way to verify their claim. Most people are unwilling to do all the legwork beforehand, assuming that all balloon rides and pilots are equal. We know better and do the research for you. BalloonRidesOnline provides our own balloon rides in California as well as resells balloon rides nationwide. We partner with qualified commercial balloon pilots that meet our high standards for insurance, experience, and ethics. We verify and monitor operator status once in our network to ensure a quality experience for you.

Not your average reseller

Many ballooning websites online are just ticket resellers, not actual balloonists. The problem with most website resellers is they are only interested in getting your money – not in the quality of service that you will be provided by the balloon ride operator. These resellers do little more than add pilot names to a list or stick location pins on a nationwide map. At BalloonRidesOnline, we are pilots and fly all our Southern California rides ourselves. We do periodic background checks on our nationwide network of qualified balloon pilots and operators so that you don’t have to.

We have you covered

Many balloon operators out there do not have proper insurance as recommended by our industry or required by specific states such as the PUC in California. Moreover, balloon operators are not required to tell you or provide you with an insurance policy # and an agent phone number you can call to ensure their policy is enforced. Although the likelihood of an accident is very small, it is important to know that the balloon operator flying you carries proper insurance for peace of mind. Our network pilots are required to have and maintain a minimum BEST B+ insurance liability of $100,000 per passenger and have not submitted any personal injury or property damage claims in the last two years. We periodically verify our network of pilot’s insured status. We monitor FAA and NTSB websites for accurate balloon and pilot information.

Top-notch standard of ethics

Some balloon operators will cancel flights at the last minute because there is not enough profit for them – or sell you a gift ticket with no intention of honoring it unless it is convenient for the balloon operator. Canceling on your prepaid birthday, anniversary, or other important occasion because of a lack of profit is bad business. We guarantee that our certified pilots maintain a higher standard of ethics and do not engage in this unfair money grabbing tactic. We monitor BBB complaints, YELP reviews, local business licenses, and chamber of commerce membership for current information about the balloon operator.

A common practice in the ballooning industry is passenger trading for efficiency. This is when two or more different balloon operators have passengers for the same location and time, but not enough passengers to make a profitable flight. The pilot’s will pool their passengers so that one balloon operator may make a profitable flight and the other saves on cost. Although passenger trading with other balloon operators is not bad, our network pilots agree that they will only trade passengers with other balloon operators that adhere to the same minimum ethic, insurance, and experience standards of our network pilots.