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Hot Air Balloon Rides in Temecula - CA

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Temecula Balloon Ride

MOST POPULAR • From $299 • Departs at Sunrise

Your scenic sunrise balloon ride over the orchards and vineyards of Temecula includes a premium champagne, juice, or mimosa toast, an assortment of breakfast items, flight certificate, souvenir photos, and 2-for-1 wine tasting!

Rated Five Stars on TripAdvisor

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Adventure of a lifetime!

"I have been taking family and friend with Denni, the owner, for over 10 years now on separate occasions. He is very professional and follows all the safety protocol. It's the best feeling ever and having a safe pilot, makes it more relaxing. His staff, Phill/Bob and the lady who handles lot of things on ground, each one of them is professional."

– Anu D., Tripadvisor
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Well organized

"Been on many hot-air balloon rides. This was very professional and well run. Safety is an emphasis, as it should be. Pilot knowledgeable, contributed information about what we were flying over, but not intrusive and overbearing (as some of them can be). Would have been better if there were a little more wind, as we basically kind of hovered over one spot, but that is beyond their control. Trip to petting zoo at end was a nice finish."

– Tony S., Tripadvisor
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Great experience

"My best friend joined me in this adventure. Denny& especially the pilot Ferrel made the experience very special. While Denny made sure we all felt safe, Ferrels enthusiasm and experience created a light atmosphere which was enjoyed by everyone. Ferrel's explanations of not only what we saw, but how the balloon worked made it interesting and educational. The crew of young man worked very hard but were excited and cheerful. My compliments to all."

– Gigi H., Tripadvisor
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Great hot air balloon ride

"We had a great time on our sunrise hot air balloon ride! Our pilot was experienced and gave us the perfect landing. We can't wait to go up again."

– KerriKF, Tripadvisor

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