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Palm Desert Sunset Flights

We have some bad news and some good news..

First, the bad news:

COVID-19, hostile landowners, and inflationary pressures have forced us to suspend our daily service in Palm Desert.

Sadly, we have lost our local Palm Desert pilot. Our fleet of balloons and remaining pilot staff are stationed in Temecula and San Diego. The expense to transport equipment and staff from outside the Coachella Valley has become too costly to provide affordable daily scheduled ride service. Urban sprawl has also forced all balloon operators to now fly over Indio and Coachella instead of the date palms, polo fields, golf courses, luxury estates, and the agricultural desert. The flight paths are over urban communities and businesses instead of the lush landscapes we used to fly over. The scenery is less desirable, and we are often met by angry landowners when we land.

Now, the good news:

We are the leader in providing large event and group balloon rides in California. Our balloons can accommodate from 8 to 24 passengers in one basket. We will still accept group reservations for 8 or more during the 2022 – 2023 season in the Coachella Valley. We will continue to provide tethered balloon ride services in the Coachella Valley. For questions about a tether, or if you have a group of 8 or more and want to schedule a balloon ride in the Coachella Valley, please contact us directly.

So where did all the balloons go? The new ballooning capital of California is Temecula wine country. Temecula is only 65 miles from Palm Springs on the way to San Diego. There are so many balloons in the air, that on many days it looks like God’s birthday party! We fly over vineyards, wineries, luxury estates, lots of wildlife, local lakes, local mountains, and have distant ocean views. With lots of activities to enjoy after your balloon ride and the lower cost of the balloon ride itself, Temecula is a wonderful side trip during your Palm Springs getaway.

Any Palm Desert gift certificate purchased in 2021 is eligible for a refund or may be redeemed in our Temecula location. Any gift certificate issued prior to 2021, where the promotional value has expired, will still be honored in our Temecula location.